et bam Mentissa

Comme ils disent Charles Aznavour

raise hell Brandi Carlile

turn me on Norah Jones

skyfall Adèle

Eileen Og trad

Right on time Brandi Carlile

hard way home Brandi Carlile

never felt like dancing Katie Melua

A moment of madness Katie Melua

the story Brandi Carlile

stairway to heaven Led Zeppelin

that wasn’t me Brandi Carlile

two bare feet Katie Melua

sunrise Norah Jones

spiders web Katie Melua

make you feel my love Adèle

the closest thing to crazy Katie Melua

daffodils Christian Ballif/William Wordsworth

Rêverie of poor Suzan Christian Ballif/William Wordsworth

keep your heart young Brandi Carlile

angel in blue jeans Train

Rolling in the deep Adèle

don’t stop Fleetwoo Mac

phantom of delight Christian Ballif/William Wordsworth

nothing else matters Metallica

rain Ken Hensely

I think it’s gona rain today Randy Newman